WHS Stuco Bringing Back Homecoming and Other Events for the New School Year

Matthew Willar '22, Co-Editor

With the start of a new school year, Westborough High School’s Student Council (Stuco) has made a long-awaited comeback after Covid-19 altered many annual traditions they host throughout the year. They are ready to make this year one to remember, as they’ve started planning many events-hopeful that everyone back in school returns StuCo to some level of normalcy. 

Last year, Stu o went through a lot with planning and adapting to many remote and cancelled events. Some standout events that weren’t held include Homecoming Festival, Winter Ball, concessions, and Rangers Fight Hunger Month. Now, with much more flexibility, Student Council is not only preparing to bring these events back but plans to make them even better than before. MASC Liason and WHS senior, Skylar Gravell states regarding improving events,

“We are all working hard to make sure that our events are well put together and will be amazing! We can make our first year back be the best one yet!” ”

— Skylar Gravell'22

As for updates, on October 23rd, Stuco will be holding its Homecoming Festival- a high school tradition where Rangers have a home football game and the community unites on behalf of their Westborough spirit. There will be booths for all ages; cookie decorating, face painting, food, and WHS clubs, just to name a few.

Student Council President Alex Goldberg states, “In the week leading up to Homecoming, we are going to have a ton of events to boost school spirit, including a spirit week, decorations, and hopefully a semi-formal dance.”

The Homecoming Dance has a tentative date of October 22nd, and if confirmed, will be the first Homecoming Dance for all four graduating classes at the high school. 

Another thing Stuco missed out on last year is their concession stand. The group is looking forward to being able to serve concessions at home sports games this fall, which is always a hit.

Student Council Fundraising Overseer Matthew Willar states, “Serving concessions my freshman year was just an all-around great time. It is a fun Stuco event and you get to meet and interact with so many different people on council.” 

All of these events are just a taste of what Stuco has planned for the year. With lessened restrictions, Stuco’s main goal for the year is to make it enjoyable for the WHS community after a tough year for everyone.