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Da 5 Bloods: One of Chadwick Boseman’s Final Roles

Ryder Rasmussen ‘21, Arts & Entertainment Editor

October 10, 2020

Spike Lee’s Netflix original, Da 5 Bloods, follows four black Vietnam veterans in modern day as they return to where they once fought not only to find gold left behind by the U.S., but also to locate the remains of one of th...

Review: The Charli and The Travis Scott Burger

Article written by: Kayleigh McCabe '21 and broadcasst produced by Rachel Fredman '21, Lobby-O staff

September 30, 2020 Over the past few weeks, two popular items have been released at fast-food restaurants Dunkin Donuts and McDonalds: The Charli drink and the Travis Scott burger. For those of you who don't...

Now streaming: Little Women: A Special Take on a Classic

Brooke Oberlee '23, Contributing Writer

June 11, 2020

Released December 7, 2019, filmmaker Greta Gerwig’s rendition of Little Women delves into the hearts and minds of its audience as they, and the March sisters, prepare for Christmas. The modern adaption of Louisa May Alcott...

Red Rock Bar & Grill: Still Open, Still Offering Delicious Food

Emily Coffey '23, Contributing Writer

June 11, 2020

Located at 66 West Main Street in Upton, Massachusetts, Red Rock Bar & Grill has been a local hotspot, serving delicious food, since it opened in 2011. Red Rock has a cozy, rustic atmosphere. Every waiter and waitress is friendly...

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