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Girls Gymnastics

March 19, 2019

Cue the Duckboats: Another Patriots Super Bowl Parade

Jessie Grossman, Anoushka Batra, Nick Ramm, Kayla Brosnihan, Ryder Rasmussen

February 27, 2019

Filed under News, Sports

Patriots fans made their way to Boston on the early morning of Tuesday, February 5 to pack the streets and celebrate the Pats’ sixth Super Bowl title win. An estimated 1.5 million Patriots fans attended the parade to catch a ...

Gender Studies Class Conducts School-Wide Survey

Mrs. Corsa's Gender Studies Class

February 1, 2019

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During the month of December, the Gender Studies class conducted a school-wide survey seeking to gain a better understanding of the different viewpoints within the WHS school environment in regards to gender issues and equality. ...

The Myanmar Genocide: What you need to know

Basim Hussain '20 and Zach Walker '19

November 29, 2018

Filed under News

When one references genocide or ethnic cleansing, they may think back to the Holocaust or Rwanda: horrific and inhumane tragedies of the distant past. In 2018, a majority of people believe it’s something that no longer happen...

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