Ms. Leach: One of the Most Outgoing, Kindest Teachers You Will Ever Know


Karla Chavira '21, Contributing Writer

WHS Special Education Teacher Ms. Leach is an outgoing teacher who helps her students with anything they need. She’s a great teacher who supports her students through education and self love.

She loves her job with all of her heart and her peers that she works with.

Mrs. Leach started her teaching career, and thought about it when she was younger. She also had other ideas in her mind within the path of math and maybe a job as an accountant. But, she knew she could never sit at a desk all day. She wanted something different than that. So she always knew she would do something with children and teenagers.

She began her higher education studies at Utica College in New York. She became a child’s life specialist who would go to the hospital when a child needed to and then she would help them to feel more comfortable in a hospital enviornment.

Her first job out of college was working with students who had severe special needs. And she fell in love with that job.

She later applied to American International College in Springfield, MA. She earned her Masters in Education there and graduated in 2012. While working on her masters she suffered through a lot of hard work, such as working two to three jobs and attending the master program once a week for five hours. She was exhausted with planning her schedule, but made it work.

In 2015, Ms. Leach got a job as a para professional at WHS where she actually attended high school. After she earned her masters degree and teaching license, she took a big first step as an Academic Support teacher at Westborough High School.

During her teaching career at WHS, she met Mrs. Breeze who was so kind to her. She helped Ms. Leach with everything she had to know about being a support teacher.

“She took me under her wing,” says Ms. Leach.

She also thanks her family for supporting her the most in the path she took.

During the pandemic, Ms. Leach is making it work with all of her students. In the spring, it was hard, because one of the things she didn’t like was not being with her students in person.

Overall, Ms. Leach loves being an Academic Support teacher. She most enjoys and loves working with her students.