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Spring Break Crack Down: Miami Beach


As some may have heard or rather watched, the city of Miami, more so the Miami Beach area, has recently released a commercial about how the community does not appreciate how spring break goers have been treating their property(s). Yes, you heard it, after years of issues during the spring break season Miami has finally called it quits (trying to at least). 

Part of this cracking down includes parking restrictions on non-residents, the closing of cafes on weekends, as well as curfews and bag searches at beaches; among other things.  While in the past similar restrictions have been implemented in a place of emergency, this year they are being implemented beforehand to curb the violence. 

“The status quo and what we’ve seen in the last few years is just not acceptable, not tolerable.” – Miami Beach Mayor Steven Meiner.  

Meiner also stated how the crowds have become unmanageable even with a heavy police presence, and that it is borderline dangerous for both visitors and residents. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is in full support of Mayor Meiner’s statements and even said himself that, “Florida is a welcoming state. We welcome people to come and have a good time. What we don’t welcome is criminal activity. What we don’t welcome is mayhem and people who want to wreak havoc on our communities.” Per AP news. 

With that being said, comes unsurprising controversy, with how many big businesses are afraid of missing out on income during one of the busiest seasons. Most of the action takes place on the 10-block stretch of Ocean Drive, which is packed with activities such as nightclubs and art deco hotels. With crowds hopefully thinning, some are scared that the community will turn into a retirement destination, and there will be no more “fun”. 

Mango’s Tropical Cafe’s owner, David Wallack thinks that the economy of Miami Beach could be saved by having a music festival in March, in an attempt to disperse crowds. But, others have since pointed out that Miami Beach has had big music festivals in the past and it has only done wrong. Businesses have even been forced to close in the past because of the enormous crowds. The people who are the problem are said to not even be affiliated with the music festivals going on. 

Overall, there are many different viewpoints and opinions regarding the Miami Beach “break up” with spring break, and although efforts are being made to thin crowds, there are still anticipated large amounts. With that being said, please stay safe and think responsibly when you’re on spring break!  

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