WHS Alum Alexa Vassilakis Reminicies About WHS Years

A part of the 2018 Westborough Girls Volleyball championship team, Alexa Vassilakis got a lot out of her experiences at Westborough High School. Vassilakis went into Westborough High School expecting nothing more than the average high school experience. Little did she know she would have a storied, satisfactory, and chaotic experience.

Alexa Vassilakis was born on October 12, 2001 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She attended WHS from 2016-2020. During this experience in Westborough she was a part of the 2018 Girls Volleyball championship team. She recalls being down 0-2 going into the third set.

She recollects, “That rally after the 0-2 start taught me everything about teamwork and determination. I think about it a lot to this day.”

Despite being a dedicated athlete, she suffered a season ending injury on the basketball court.
Vassilakis describes the event by saying, “They did the ACL test which pulled on your tibia to see if it is secured by the ligament and it failed so right away they were decently sure it was an ACL tear.”

She got surgery right before the COVID pandemic filled up hospitals and closed down businesses. She recalls her mother helping her by saying “…my mother did everything in her power to make sure I had a successful surgery and recovery.”

Vassilakis also mentions how her mom dedicated a significant portion of her life to helping others by being a CRNA (certified registered nurse anesthetist). She learned a lot about empathy from her mom in this experience.

Vassilakis also believes that the sentiment of empathy is important when it comes to community service. She joined NHS in her sophomore year and she went to many events, but her main source of community service was through her time serving as a member of the Genesis Club. She was a co-president of the Genesis Club. The purpose of this club was to improve the livelihood of children born with genetic disorders.

Vassilakis currently attends Northeastern University as undecided. The universal experience of high school affects everybody in a different way. For Vassilakis, it taught her the core values she will take into adulthood and beyond.