RecBall Final Four Predictions

By Jack McGinn ‘19 and Eric Gould ‘19

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5 Schiffman vs. 1 Barry–Winner–Schiffman–
Team Barry remains undefeated, but they’ve only won by single digits to the 16 and 9 seeds. Neither games were as close as the score suggests, but it’s definitely a notable development following a regular season in which they handled most of their opponents pretty easily. Barry tends to play the better teams in the league closely. Games against Team Bersani and Team Guilbeau were some of the most competitive games of the year. On the other side, Team Schiffman is rolling. They knocked out Team Hogan with ease and demolished a higher seeded Team Macelhaney. Nichols is lighting it up, and he’s getting enough help from the many capable players around him, including Will, Drew, and Cam, to win this game. Schiffman has the ball handlers that can break the press of Team Barry and get out and running. They just need to contain Jackson to get the win, and they have enough athletes to do so. We admittedly hold a little bias in this prediction, as we want the one remaining senior-led team in the league to take home the championship.

3 Bersani vs. 2 Guilbeau–Winner–Guilbeau–
A matchup that we’ve been waiting to see. A game that got canceled because of the snow is finally here. A two headed snake of Pete and Brendan will be an interesting matchup for Team Guilbeau. The Kaplan’s usually attempt a trap up top near half court to force turnovers. We don’t know if this will end up working against two of the best players in rec ball. However, Team Guilbeau’s bench is far superior than Bersani’s. Once Pete and Brendan go to the bench, we expect Team Guilbeau to have a field day. Arya should hit some threes, and maybe Keegan will hit some layups, unlike last game. We honestly don’t think this game will be as close as some may think. Guilbeau can shut down teams’ best scorers when they don’t have a capable ball handler to get the ball over the top two players in the zone to get it to the scorers. Bersani and McCafferty are ball dominant stars who will probably have some success when both are on the floor, but when one comes off, it will basically be 5-on-1 swarm for Team Guilbeau. The second seeded team should be moving onto the championship game fairly easily.