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Last Day Of School!

Time Management Tips for Seniors

The fall of senior year is a busy time for all students, especially for seniors. With college applications, sports, staying on top of schoolwork, and the fun of your final year of high school, it can quickly become overwhelming to keep up with everything. Staying organized is crucial in order to manage your time. Here are some tips to help you stay organized:

1. Make a List of All Your College Deadlines

Different colleges have different dates for when your applications are due. Making a list that includes the dates for the application and what you still need to do before submitting can be very beneficial. This will ensure that you don’t miss any deadlines and can stay ahead of your applications.

2. Create a To-do List

It is easy to get overwhelmed when thinking about the hundreds of things you have to complete in the future. Splitting it up day by day and making a list of all the tasks you have to finish can help you accomplish more and stay organized each day.

3. Prioritize Tasks

Determine the most critical and urgent tasks for the year day each day. Prioritize what is the most urgent that day and focus on that first.

4. Keep a Consistent Routine

Keeping a routine each day is one of the most important things needed to stay organized. Prioritize your physical and mental health by getting enough sleep, eating nutritious meals, and engaging in regular exercise to stay energized and focused.

5. Put Away Distractions

After a long day of school doing homework can seem tedious. It can be easy to just sit on your phone instead of getting anything done. Putting away your phone and other distractions can be difficult at first, but will overall help you finish your homework faster.

6. Take a Break From Schoolwork

While it is important to stay focused, it is also important to enjoy your last year of high school. Spend time with friends, attend sports games, and do other things you will no longer be able to do next year.

7. Ask For Help

Westborough High School offers lots of help with future plans. Do not be afraid to ask your teachers, counselors, class advisors, or any other staff members for advice. Also, your classmates are going through the same thing you are. Asking your friends for help can also be beneficial.


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