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RecBall Finals Prediction

By Jack McGinn ‘19 and Eric Gould ‘19

March 14, 2019

1 Barry vs. 3 Bersani--Winner--Bersani This game is a rematch of one of the best games of the regular season. Team Barry looks to secure the championship and the rare 12-0 season. Bersani is rolling following a shocking win...

RecBall Final Four Predictions

By Jack McGinn ‘19 and Eric Gould ‘19

March 8, 2019

5 Schiffman vs. 1 Barry--Winner--Schiffman-- Team Barry remains undefeated, but they’ve only won by single digits to the 16 and 9 seeds. Neither games were as close as the score suggests, but it’s definitely a notable development...

RecBall Regular Season Awards

By Jack McGinn ‘19 and Eric Gould ‘19

March 1, 2019

MVP--Jackson Barry-- With an undefeated season, with most of the games being blowouts, the MVP has to go to Jackson. Averaging around 25+ points a game, he seemed to score willingly at the basket. Most games he even got his teammates...

Rec Ball Predictions Week 5

By Jack McGinn ‘19 and Eric Gould ‘19

February 1, 2019

We anticipate a great week of matchups with teams facing off against relatively evenly matched opponents. Each game could go either way. SUNDAY: Townsend vs Capello Winner: Capello Both these teams have more talent than...

Rec Ball Power Rankings Week 2

By Jack McGinn ‘19 and Eric Gould ‘19

January 10, 2019

1.) Barry (3-0) -- In the game of the week, Team Barry beat Team Bersani. Team Barry looks dominant with Jackson on the floor, and he appears to be the only player in the league challenging Walker for MVP. Nagi has been able to...

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