RecBall Finals Prediction

By Jack McGinn ‘19 and Eric Gould ‘19

1 Barry vs. 3 Bersani–Winner–Bersani

This game is a rematch of one of the best games of the regular season. Team Barry looks to secure the championship and the rare 12-0 season. Bersani is rolling following a shocking win over Team Guilbeau in one of the best games in RecBall history. Off of a game winner by Pete, they have the momentum over Team Barry heading into the championship game. Team Barry has played close games in all 3 of their playoff games, and their victories can be described as ugly wins.

Here’s why we think Bersani will take the championship: Brendan and Pete vs. Jackson. Both teams are led by their top heavy scorers. Brendan and Pete should be enough to outscore Jackson. It’s going to be difficult for Team Barry to stop both Brendan and Pete at the same time. If any team had a chance of stopping them simultaneously, it was Team Guilbeau. Team Barry will struggle mightily when Jackson is off the floor, so Tyler Nagi will have to have a big game to give Team Barry a chance. Team Bersani should be able to handle the press of Team Barry with ease because all it takes is a couple strong ball handlers. With all this being said, we aren’t sleeping on Team Barry. They’ve beaten everyone they played despite not being picked as the favorite in a handful of them. However, it’s hard to pick against the momentum that Team Bersani has, so we pick them as the favorites for the big game.