RecBall Elite 8 Predictions

By Jack McGinn ‘19 and Eric Gould ‘19

1 Barry vs 8 Townsend: Winner–Barry
Here’s some bulletin board material for Team Townsend. Townsend truly believes they can beat Team Barry. Jeremy “only goes left” James may struggle against the press of Barry. James Fitz or Jeremy will need to combine for 30 to keep this one close. Barry, Nagi, potential underclassman of the year Charlie Snow, and Luke Sullivan very well may outscore all of Team Townsend if all goes well defensively. If Townsend handles the press well, they could pull off the upset, and it wouldn’t be the most surprising upset out of the four round two matchups. Worst case for Townsend, a second round exit is much better than people expected to begin the year.

2 Guilbeau vs 7 Kelley: Winner–Guilbeau
Guilbeau has the team defense to potentially slow down Walker. Patrick and Joey will have to add into the scoring total for Kelley to have a chance. Kelley’s defense won’t be able to stop the train that is Guilbeau. We’re predicting a season high 5 threes from Ryan Guilbeau. We see Guilbeau running away with this one, even with Joey’s constant confidence, trash talk, and step-backs. Coach Kelley, who usually exudes confidence, didn’t seem all that confident when discussing the matchup with RecBallers across the league. Anything can happen, especially when you have Zach Walker on your team, but Team Guilbeau is definitely favored. This is probably the least likely upset this week on paper, but that’s not a slight to Team Kelley; we just believe Team Guilbeau is the most dominant team in RecBall.

3 Bersani vs 6 McGinn: Winner–Bersani
Bersani and McCafferty could be too much to handle for Team McGinn. We see Bersani taking this one, but McGinn has possibly the highest upset potential this round. Prune and McGinn are one of the few duos with the ability to match up with McCafferty and Bersani, but it’s only when they’re at their best. Team McGinn has more depth and capable scorers than Team Bersani. If McGinn can properly execute their triangle and two to neutralize Team Bersani’s dynamic duo and hold them under 20 each, they could pull it off the win. Otherwise, the bracket should remain top seed only.

4 Macelhaney vs 5 Schiffman: Winner–Macelhaney
Team Macelhaney finished the season beating Team Schiffman by doubt digits. Eli couldn’t be stopped, putting up 32. We see this game going similarly to how it went on that Monday night, unless Team Schiffman makes defensive adjustments to double Eli in the post. Ryan and one of their other inconsistent, but capable, scorers will need to produce for Schiffman to have a chance. We just don’t see anyone on Team Schiffman being able to stop Eli one-on-one. As Ryan Nichols said earlier in the year, “buddy is a tank.” Team Macelhaney should have a pretty easy walk to the semis, unless Coach Schiffman makes some adjustments.