RecBall Regular Season Awards

By Jack McGinn ‘19 and Eric Gould ‘19

MVP–Jackson Barry–
With an undefeated season, with most of the games being blowouts, the MVP has to go to Jackson. Averaging around 25+ points a game, he seemed to score willingly at the basket. Most games he even got his teammates involved, Tyler averaged around 15 point a game. This award goes to Jackson because of his teams record and the fact that his team would be quite trash without him.

Steal of the Draft–Charlie Snow–
Charlie Snow was easily the steal of this year’s draft. Being a freshman, he was picked in the later parts of the draft, and he proved his worth with a handful of double digit, multi-three pointer performances. He’s garnered talk as one of the wettest shooters in the league this year, and he has Odimus Prime in his fan club, which is a big boost to his clout.

Executive of the Year–Mike Guilbeau–
Mr. Guilbeau drafted an elite squad this year, easily the deepest squad in the league. His Kaplan pick was expertly crafted.

Scott Morin Coach of the Year Award–Croft–
Coach Croft definitely surprised us this year. His team has a lack of talent and most people thought they wouldn’t even win a game this season. Beating Team McGinn was a huge surprise to most. Who knows, maybe this team makes a run in the playoffs. Team Croft ended with a regular season record of 3-5, however this is still impressive when you look at their roster on paper. This award is being decided based on who did the most with what they had. Obviously a case could be made for Bersani, Barry, or Guilbeau to be coach of the year, but coming into the year Croft was widely viewed as one of the worst teams, and they managed to finish 3-5. Good work Coach Croft.

DPOY–Owen Gately–
Defensive player of the year has to go to Owen. He even had one huge 15 steal game, even though it was against Team Grossman, this is still a very impressive stat. He is a very aggressive defender and anticipates passes well. You could catch him locking down some star players this season and racking up numbers in the steal stat while doing so.

6MOY–Anyone on Team Guilbeau–
Team Guilbeau has so much depth that it’s unclear who is exactly their sixth man. They just have so many capable players that it’s a toss up between everyone on this team not named Arya or the Kaplans.

MIP–Sid Khakar–
Sid was quite dominant on the court this year. He was a great compliment to Eli, as he is a guard who can feed him. Sid’s three point shooting and overall scoring output had a tremendous boost from last year. You could barely find him last year, and this year he was simply a beast that most defenders feared and teams had to prepare for. Sorry Jaeger, but a couple of layups won’t win you MIP, especially when your improvement is only from a measly .8 PPG. Hard to do worse.

Underclassmen of the Year–Tyler Nagi–
Tyler proved to be a great compliment to the MVP on an undefeated team. He grabs boards over some of the best players in the league. While doing so, he puts up hefty point totals to help his team. Even though he runs very similarly to a squid, he is great player that will be hard to stop once he is an upperclassmen.

Best Shoes–Kevin Flahive–
Those Air Monarchs tho.

Unsung Hero–Pat Kelley–
Pat Kelley doesn’t get enough recognition for his scoring output. He probably averaged near 15 PPG, but he gets overshadowed by the massive figure that is Zach Walker. Next year, he’ll definitely get more recognition.

Most Clutch–Joey Kurtz–
Did you see that stepback three?

Best Swag–Umar–
Umar wore a supreme headband and shooter sleeve. Enough said.