Long Live the Shermanater

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Mrs. Sherman

For everyone new to our school, or people who don’t know her, Mrs. Sherman is a substitute teacher who works at Westborough High School.

A native to the state, she grew up in Boston, Massachusetts where she lived her childhood in a safe and friendly neighborhood. “When the street lights came on, you knew to go home.” Back then there weren’t cell phones or AIM so in Mrs. Sherman’s words: “you just lived”.

Mrs. Sherman idolized her gym teacher at the all girls’ school she attended. This is when she first knew what she wanted to be in life, a physical education teacher.

Mrs. Sherman went on to attend Roxbury Memorial for girls where she still pursued her dream. During high school she was president of many different groups.

After high school she was accepted into Boston University where she attended Sergeant College to earn her degree for physical education. After college, she got a job at Northeastern University to teach P.E.

She later moved to San Francisco where she obtained another job with her husband and kids.

Mrs. Sherman has 6 kids who have given her 12 grandchildren. Her family is living happily all around the world. One of her son’s lives in South Korea, while another son lives in Duxbury, and a daughter who resides in St. Louis.

“This is the happiest I’ve been in a long time”, remarked Mrs. Sherman.

Mrs. Sherman now enjoys flying in her husband’s plane. They visit Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, and Provincetown.

When she was asked what she says to students who come to her for advice or a question, she said, “I never tell them what to do, deep down, they know what they need to do.”

On the days you are lucky, you will see Mrs. Sherman throughout the day, and if you’re real lucky, you’ll get her as a sub.