Best Buddies Club: A Way to Build Lasting Friendships

Eddie Bomfim '24, Contributing Writer

In most schools, students with special needs are often marginalized and excluded from mainstream activities. Here at WHS, the Best Buddies Club is a club developed to address this issue, aiming to create an inclusive and supportive community where students can connect and build friendships. The club seeks to empower students with and without special needs, helping them develop social skills, gain confidence, and be included in school life.

“I love the inclusive environment that the Best Buddies brings to WHS,” Best Buddies junior Abby Fiedler shares.

The Best Buddies Club is an opportunity for students to engage with their peers’ with disabilities, to befriend them, and to support them in day-to-day activities. Students can work with students with disabilities in the classroom, assist them with their daily routines, or help them with homework. They can help teachers take care of them, play games, or simply talk to them. As students connect and spend time with their buddies, they can develop a deeper understanding of their interests and appreciate their unique personalities.

Members of the Best Buddies Club are committed to creating a community where all students feel valued and supported. They aim to foster an inclusive culture that celebrates diversity and recognizes the unique talents and abilities of each student. Participating in the Best Buddies Club is a great opportunity for students to develop important social and communication skills. By developing a relationship with students who have disabilities, they can improve their communication skills, learn how to be patient and empathetic, understand true inclusion and the true value of friendship.

Best Buddies junior Kira Meehan comments, “I love the community that Best Buddies creates at WHS, I feel accepted.”

Members of the club are also exposed to different learning styles, which can enhance their own learning experience. In addition to the positive impact on students with special needs, the Best Buddies Club also offers benefits for all participants. Students who become buddies can gain a sense of fulfillment and develop a greater appreciation for the diversity of human experience. They can also improve their time-management skills and learn to balance schoolwork with social commitments.

Overall, the Best Buddies Club is an excellent opportunity for students to develop a sense of empathy, leadership, and inclusivity. It provides a supportive environment where all students can feel valued and supported, and where friendships can be formed that last a lifetime.

You can Join the Best Buddies club at any time throughout the year by going to their website or email: [email protected].

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