Outer Banks season 3: Hit or Miss?

Hannah Willar '25, Contributing Writer

As many people are aware, season 3 of Outer Banks was released on Netflix last Thursday,  February 23.  If you liked the previous two seasons, you definitely were anticipating this season to come out. I know for me I sat in my room and binged watched all 10 episodes in one day. And season 3 was a hit.


As I was watching the first episode, I really liked the way the producers transitioned from the ending of season 2 into season 3 where the pogues were on the island that they named “Poguelandia”, and lived their life hunting, swimming, having fires every night, just the six of them. I think that really showed what the pogue life of outer banks is all about. A lot of people had wished that there were more scenes on the island and what life was like there. I also agree that more time on the island would have been a good addition to the show.


Outer banks fans really wanted two of the main characters, J.J. and Kiara to become an item after watching them fall for one another in the previous seasons. Fans will be happy. Another plot point involving the two main characters John B and Sarah Cameron was a lot of romantic tension between them.  A lot of hate was thrown towards another character Topper who got in the way between Sarah and John B. Fans will enjoy the drama and suspense.


Another major thing that happened in this season which got fans really angry and frustrated was John B’s father returned after not being in the past two seasons. Viewers either loved him or hated him throughout the show, because he was obsessed with finding the treasure rather than spending time and being a good father figure to his own son. 


Overall this show had a really suspenseful and complicated plot, and I definitely enjoyed season 3; however, along with the fanbase,  I do really wish that there wasn’t the tension that happened with John B and Sarah, and also with John B and Big John. I wish he had been a better father to his son and not prioritized the gold, but his family instead. 


The cast and producers announced that there will be a season 4 with an unclear release date. Depending on whether viewers enjoyed the ending of season 3 will determine how excited fans are for season 4.  I liked the ending of season 3, and I believe that would have been a good finish to the series.