The Perfect Place to Grab a Treat: The Black Rose Bakery

Anna Deane '23, Social Media Coordinator

The Black Rose Bakery, located at 232 Turnpike Rd, has been an amazing addition to Westborough.

Many may better know this bakery as the old Gerardo’s European Bakery. About a year ago, Gerardos was going to permanently close at the Westborough location until the baker of 20 years, Long Rocheford, decided she would keep that from happening. Rocheford decided to buy the location from Gerardo and changed the bakery name to The Black Rose Bakery.

Upon walking into this bakery, there is a beautiful ambiance. The vibes are super friendly and welcoming, and it smells fantastic. All of the delicious treats are made fresh in the bakery.

The Black Rose Bakery is a great place to get treats, and there are a wide variety of options, so you are bound to find something you like. Something I find delicious is their tiramisu and cannolis! If you want a gift for someone, you can get gift cards at any price you would like!

If you’re looking to support small local businesses, the Black Rose Bakery is the place to go.