Celsius: Social Media’s Trending Energy Drink

The new trending energy drink that might be a healthy alternative for other energy drinks is Celsius. It has been all over Tik Tok and Instagram. Celsius is zero sugar, kosher, gluten free and non gmo. There are a variety of flavors and it gives a great boost of energy. But there has been some controversy whether the drink is good for you or not. 

This Celsius drink includes green tea extract and guarana seed extract (which is a source of caffeine). It also contains twice as much caffeine as a coffee bean, Vitamins B and C, ginger root, sucrose, and 200mg of caffeine. Due to the no sugar in Celsius, the company uses sucrose which is a 0 calorie sugar alternative. On an average day a healthy amount of caffeine to consume is 400 mg. This is considered a healthier alternative to other energy drinks like Red Bull or Bang. 

The benefits to drinking Celcuis, as opposed to average energy drinks, is that it has less sugar, caffeine, carbohydrates and chemicals. Celsius can also improve focus, and mental and physical performance, explaining why many athletes drink it. Celsius also has a variety of flavors, such as mango passion fruit and tropical vibe. It is a better alternative to a pre workout powder or supplements.  It comes in liquid form, which is easier to take and gives you a healthier energy boost. If you are looking for a pick me up before a game or workout, this 10 calorie drink is a great substitute for unhealthy powders and drinks. 

While there are benefits to this drink there are also disadvantages, just like any other energy supplement. Even though 200mg of caffeine is still within the healthy intake of caffeine. Many believe that it is still unhealthy to drink. The brand does not mention how much guarana seed extract and other products are in celsius. Guarana has not been FDA approved. There could be a possible higher intake of caffeine than we know is in the drink. Drinking this could also cause positive drug tests due to the amino acids found in the drink, this is because these amino acids also mimic those of certain drugs. 

After having a large intake of caffeine it can cause many to have a caffeine crash. While also having crashes some can experience dehydration, heart complications, anxiety and insomnia. This can lead to negative effects on your overall health. If one were to continue drinking Celsius the healthy intake would be about 3 cans every week. 


Our thoughts:

Sophomore Yael Bugaev: As one who drinks Celsius a lot and enjoys the energy drink over all, I would continue drinking this because it helps with my sports performance and boosts my energy while working out or even doing homework. I would definitely recommend it for others and myself to drink this in moderate amounts like three times a week instead of everyday. I love the variety of flavors the brand sells and my personal favorite is the sparkling Mango Passion fruit which just recently came out. A regular cup of coffee does not supply enough energy for my body which is why I drink Celsius because it is within the healthy range of caffeine and supplies more energy for me. 

Junior Carolyn Gencarelli: I would consider continuing drinking Celsius, I would say I only drink it occasionally when I need an extra pick me up. Although I don’t drink coffee much due to the taste and the effects it has on me, Celsius flavors are something I do enjoy. While I also believe it gives me a lot of energy. I feel it is a healthier alternative for me than drinking Red Bulls and it is an easier and safer way to get extra energy before a practice or competition. 



We have presented the advantages, disadvantages, and our opinions about Celsius.  Please consider leaving comments about your views on Celsius.