Enjoy a great meal with Westborough roots at ‘The Fix Burger Bar’

Tabish Hussain '22, Contributing Writer

Ever tired of making the same drive and going to the same restaurant over and over again? If so, The Fix Burger Bar is the restaurant for you. It’s located in downtown Worcester, Massachusetts and only a 30 minute drive from Westborough. There are two other locations- Marlborough and Leominster, which aren’t far away either. The Fix has the best burgers, shakes, and menu compared to any other restaurant. 

When I went to The Fix with my teammates, I got a chocolate milkshake, wings and The Bigger Mac Burger with a side of fries. With all the amazing sauces and juicy touch to the wings and burger, it was the most flavourful restaurant meal I had in a very long time. 

The entire ambiance, music, and feel to the restaurant is also what made the food a lot more enjoyable. The waiters and service were absolutely amazing and very friendly. The chefs also  cooked my burger to perfection and made it the exact way that I desired it to be.

The prices for all the meals and drinks are very reasonable as well ranging from $9 to $22. Many restaurants have very similar pricing so to get the most out of your dollar spent, going to The Fix would be your best decision.

The father of two Westborough High School students, Alec Desrosiers ‘25 and Izzy Desrosiers ‘23, actually owns The Fix Burger and is always looking to make the Westborough community satisfied and happy with his restaurant. 

I highly recommend The Fix Burger Bar for all families or even a good spot for a fun night out with friends as it has easy, accessible parking, top of the line food, and primetime service. 


Address: 108 Grove St, Worcester, MA 01605

Phone: (774) 823-3327


Monday 12–9:30PM

Tuesday 12–9:30PM

Wednesday 12–9:30PM

Thursday 12–9:30PM

Friday             12–11PM

Saturday 12–11PM

Sunday 12–8:30PM