Senior Profile: Kaitlyn Tarzia

A.J. Tarzia, Contributing Writer

WHS senior Kaitlyn Tarzia has been very involved during her time at WHS starting with her role as the captain of the field hockey team during her senior year. In the summer before sophomore year she made the switch from dance to field hockey.

Tarzia says, “After I started practicing with my friends I loved it! It was the best decision.”

After playing with her friends over the summer, Tarzia made the JV team and was moved up to varsity shortly after the season began. As starting midfielder for the WHS Varsity field hockey team, Tarzia fell in love with the sport and recalls her favorite moment at field hockey.

“I loved running the Captain’s practices with my co-captains over the summer. It was so much fun to help the incoming freshmen and play with my teammates all summer before the season started in mid-September,” Tarzia recalls.

During her years at WHS, Tarzia became the Co-President of the UNICEF club. She is also involved in Student Council and National Honor Society.

Covid this year has been tough on everyone, especially the seniors. During the pandemic, they have been significantly more limited when planning activities. Tarzia has missed seeing all of her friends from the other cohort. Entering her senior year she was most looking forward to a prom, a senior ball, and a normal graduation.Her hope is that the seniors can still do some of these things in their last few months at WHS.

Throughout high school, one of Tarzia’s favorite classes has been Journalism because it allowed her to research everything that interested her. Although her schedule only allowed her to take Journalism I and Journalism II, she is excited to take more Journalism related classes in college.

Once Tarzia graduates high school, she is planning to study something in the science or communications because of how much she enjoyed those classes in high school.

Tarzia has some advice for freshmen and incoming freshmen next year: “To get involved in as much as possible and go to all of the fun events because you will make some of the best memories!”