Crown Fried Chicken better than all the rest


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WHS student Tabish Hussain highly recommends Crown Fried Chicken in Worcester.

Tabish Hussain '22

Many of you might not know of the wonderous Crown Fried Chicken restaurant located in nearby Worcester, MA. Compared to the other chicken spots we’ve known such as, KFC, Popeyes, and many more, Crown Fried Chicken is the best and most delicious restaurant of them all. Crown Fried Chicken is a great laid back environment with amazing service and even better food.

Crown Fried Chicken specializes in burgers, subs, steaks, gyros, wings, and of course, fried chicken. This popular food chain is known for its delicious food and laid back environment. It is not like a full blown restaurant where you sit and order; it is more like Chick-Fil-A.

I recommend Crown Fried Chicken’s spicy chicken burger and the fries because of the special seasoning on the fries that give them an extra zing of flavor.

The cost of everything on the menu is quite affordable, and getting a meal with a drink and fries will cost you no more than $10.00. In addition, the environment of this restaurant is friendly and is all about being one big community. In addition, the chefs make everything in front of you and have a TV mounted for anyone to watch while eating or waiting for your food.

I absolutely recommend this place as it is definitely a great spot to go with your family, by yourself, or even to take out food. Some of my teammates and I would go there after fall league basketball games just for a quick but filling meal. The one that we go to is located in Worcester at 443 Lincoln St.; however there are many other locations spread across Worcester and Massachusetts. Also, they have really flexible store hours as they are open from 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM.