Realizing The 4 R’s: WHS’s Guiding Principles

Sahana Karthik '25 and Hannah Wallace '25

Refresh, restore, reframe, and reclaim: the four R’s. The four R’s is a theme that has been put into place for the current school year. Refresh is the idea of developing new attitudes and establishing new beliefs. Restore is the intention of inviting good citizenship skills and healthy boundaries into the classroom, whereas reframe entails trying to view learning opportunities with a positive mindset. Last but not least, reclaim accounts for lifting each other up to meet the high standards at Westborough High School.

Principal Callaghan shared, “They are designed to guide our efforts to have the best and most successful learning experience at WHS in all areas of our comprehensive high school- classes, common areas, clubs, athletics, fine arts, and social settings related to school events.”

Whether it be the color coded hallway passes or limited phone use, it is apparent that WHS is taking rule enforcement to a greater extent this school year. Why is it that there is a need for change, and will the reinforcements result in any difference?

Callaghan wrote, “It was clear to all school staff, many students, and most families that some of the practices to support learning were not able to be implemented during the 2+ years we dealt with Covid.”

During the time dealing with Covid, as well as the return to normal, Callaghan explained that the same rules being implemented now have always existed; however, they were not able to be fully applied to the classroom environments.

One concern coming with these rules is that they may appear overly strict not only to incoming freshmen, but to returning students from last year.

“All grades of students have had experience with these expectations at some point in the recent past,” Callaghan replies.

Whether it be in school, on a sports team, or through extracurricular activities, most students have been in contact with rules similar to the ones now.

Although school has only been in session for a month, staff have already described the difference that they have seen.

Callaghan states, “Teachers and counselors have mentioned it is making a difference. Also, some students that have approached their teachers have indicated it’s been nice NOT having the distraction of looking at their phone.”

From a student’s perspective, there definitely has appeared to be a shift in the classroom environment. Many students have stated that the new enforcement of these rules has felt odd and have made the learning experience feel different from past years.

Sophomore Diya Bhattacharya commented, “Of course my only experience at the high school was last year, and teachers and administrators were very relaxed because of Covid and cared more about those guidelines. Still, school has been a bit different with the bathroom passes and all.”

Refresh, restore, reframe, and reclaim. Together these words act as the guiding principles for the current school year.