Rec Ball Week 2 Rankings: Does a New Team Enter the Top 3?

Brady Volin '22 and Colin West '22

1.Tam/Chattopadhya (2-0)
Going into the season, everyone knew how talented the duo of Sean Tam and Ayush Chattopadaya would be. No one could have predicted how elite the supporting cast of this team is, led by Amir Hameed and Kevin Nunes. Amir dropped 17 this week and KeKe has shown potential to be a top scorer in future weeks. Mukil Nair and Jayden “JT” Thomas round out arguably the best combination of 6 players in the league. Again, we haven’t seen this team at full strength with Sean and Ayush both missing a game each, and it will be electric to see what they can do when fully healthy.
2.Seymour/Billinsky (2-0)
It’s no surprise 2-0 a team led by MVP-favorite Jacob Billinksy finds itself near the top of the league. Their path to the two spot was not easy, nearly losing to Calderone in the first week. However, Jacob put the team on his back with a couple of Greg Jennings-type performances, leading his team to victory in both games. Vincent Zheng has emerged as the secondary scorer and can consistently put up double digits to help Jacob. Elliott Seymour also had a solid performance and could become dangerous as the season progresses. Brady Volin, Tom Gagnon, Liam Johnson, and Colin Campell round out this loaded senior theme team.
3.Collins/Xu (1-1)
Plagued by the Covid-19 virus, team Collins-Xu had to forfeit their game this week with only 4 players available to play. Like Chattopadaya/Tam, we have not yet seen them at full strength, but they are still very deserving of this rank when fully healthy. This is another team with a deep lineup, and will take the league by storm if/when Shmill Collins comes back. When healthy, they have the best team on paper, but Kevin and Eli have proven they can still be a top-3 team even without Shmill.
4.Townsend/Warner (1-1)
Although Townsend did take their first loss of the season this past weekend, we still believe they are easily a top 4 team, and probably deserve to be higher. If this team can unlock all of the potential they have with Tim Breen and the big seniors down low in Cooper and Griffin, next to Aiden Warner this team has a chance to win it all.
5.Henderson/Levesque (2-0)
This Junior loaded team is a serious championship contender. While unproven against some of the top-tier teams, Henderson/Levesque has been very impressive thus far. Led by DPOY contender Brady Henderson, they are a team full of athletes and have great chemistry. Jadious Mekala certainly has the ability to put up 20+ PPG and is an exciting player to watch. Gray “Trey” Sassetti had a breakout game this week, dropping 11 and going 3-4 from deep. Don’t let this team’s youth distract you from their greatness, and they might sneak their way into the top 3 with another win next week.
6.Nagi/Steinberg (1-1)
Team Nagi put the haters away this weekend easily winning vs another respectable team in Sullivan/Burke. They took the game by 31, with both Connor Nagi and Adam Steinberg having superstar showings with 32 and 27 respectively. Once they prove more consistency, which I think will happen, they will fly up this list. Greg also had 8 in that game which we think isn’t close to his top production either.
7.Lombardo/McGinn (1-0)
Team Lombardo/Mcginn won this week against a Mickey Mouse opponent. This ranking is a placeholder of sorts until we can see them play another game, but they have a lot of potential led by Tommy McGinn and Basim Majid. We still have yet to see if these two can share the ball, but if they can play together well they will be a tough team to face.
8.Meyer/Erickson (2-1)
Team Meyer has become a fan favorite throughout the league. They had 2 games this week and won both which has sprung them up in the rankings. Charlie Snow and Jackson Bohn have formed a formidable duo that is very good defensively. The team now has a great supporting cast including Ryan, Camden, and David as they have all broken the scoring ice. This team has a very solid 5 and can move up the rankings if they continue this success.
9.Sullivan/Burke (1-1)
Sleeper MVP Hayden Goulet continued his success this weekend but that can’t be said for the whole team. They need to gel a little more as a team if they want to move up on this list and they need to stay out of foul trouble. Both Luke Sullivan and Hugh Burke departed early due to fouls, but if they can stay on the court they will be dangerous in weeks to come. This week may be a call to action for the team and we wouldn’t be surprised if they continue to get better, especially with Cam Sullivan back.
10.West/McDermott (1-2)
Team West took 1 game out of the two they played this weekend. Unfortunately, they were without both Cooper Hagen and Brendan McDermott during these games due to Health and Safety Protocols. Colin has done all he could during this time and Mikey Ku and Andy C both stepped up without these players. When they both come back and this team is healthy we do think that they will rise up to where they were expected before this season started.
11.Pisciotta (1-2)
After a strong first week, team Pisciotta took a step back and dropped two games this weekend. The dynamic duo of Cashman and Ritacco has shined thus far, but the team lacks the depth needed to beat elite teams. Owen Fiedler is also a good player, dropping a respectable 8 points this week. This team’s performance will fluctuate along with Jake’s performance, but if he can drop 30 points consistently they could move up in the future.
12.Barry/Barr (1-2)
Team Barry got their first win of the season on Monday, which is a step in the right direction. They were without Desmond O’Reilly and won versus Team Piscottia. Big Mike L dropped 25 with good outputs from both Colin Barr and Sean Barry. To continue this success they need to replicate this game over and over again which may be a hard feat but is clearly possible as they already have done it. Sullivan Boyle also put the clamps on Week 1 MVP Jake Ritacco Monday proving that they do have a mix of offense and defense on this team.
13.Calderone (0-3)
Calderone is definitely a fun team to watch, but they once again come in near the bottom of the league. Matt Mendes is a stud and deserves to be an All-Star starter, averaging over 20 PPG. They also have Sam Manuelian a great hustle player and defender. However, Matt needs to carry in order for this team to succeed. They have come very close to an upset twice already against Team West and Seymour, so look for Calderone to pull off a miracle this season against a superior team.
14.Last (0-2)
Wrapping up the rankings for Week 2 is Team Last, no pun intended. I feel this is probably no surprise. That being said, we think they are probably within the top 5 teams that are fun to watch and they do have sneaky good talent just based on the pure height and strength they have. They kept it close for Meyer on Sunday and we wouldn’t be surprised if this defense oriented team did end up winning some games later on in the year when they get some things together offensively, with Brendan Martin and Co.