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Chris Simoneau: Long-time WHS Coach and New WHS Paraprofessional

Ethan Steinberg '21

May 3, 2019

Christopher Simoneau is well-known around Westborough High for his coaching. You might find him on the sidelines of a varsity or JV football game, on the bench of a varsity basketball game, or in the dugout of a freshman baseball...

High School Football Injuries: What is being done?

Ethan Clark '20

January 22, 2019

High school football holds a special place in American hearts, with 1,036,847 boys and girls playing 11-on-11 football during the 2017-18 season, the highest participation of any sport in high school. These high numbers pain...

Sports Talk

October 1, 2018

Week of Lights: Time for Rangers to shine in the spotlight

October 15, 2017

By:  Domenic Casparriello and Matt Doherty As the weather changes and the leaves start to fall, Westborough High School holds its annual Week of Lights week on the turf. The week of October 17 marks the start of a special time...

Fall Sports Preview

Fall Sports Preview

September 8, 2016

Marshawn Lynch’s Retirement

February 25, 2016

By Mohammed Ramzanali Retirement is a loaded word. It can mean spending time with loved ones, pursuing unique passions or conquering fears. It can mean traveling the world or staying in your humble abode, taking up various ho...

Should College Athletes be Paid?

December 22, 2015

By: Kyle Clarkson With the huge money making business that collegiate athletics are, are the players themselves really getting anything back? This is the million dollar question that remains unanswered for many fans of college ...

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