Chris Simoneau: Long-time WHS Coach and New WHS Paraprofessional

Christopher Simoneau is well-known around Westborough High for his coaching. You might find him on the sidelines of a varsity or JV football game, on the bench of a varsity basketball game, or in the dugout of a freshman baseball game; however, he has had an interesting path before his time at Westborough High.

Simoneau spent a brief time in Westborough from 4th-6th grade before moving back to Marlborough for middle and high school. In high school, Simoneau played football, basketball, and baseball, three sports that would continue to play a major role in his life. After high school, Simoneau continued his education at Worcester State and then at Southern New Hampshire University. In November of 1994, Simoneau began coaching.

Football, basketball, and baseball were the three sports that Simoneau grew up playing in Marlborough. These three sports would stay a big part of his life as they would become the three sports he coaches at Westborough High.

Simoneau was hired in May 2015 to be a coach at WHS. In the fall at WHS, Simoneau coaches football, where he’s the head coach of the JV football team. When asked about his first years with the football program at WHS, Simoneau said, “there weren’t a lot of people wanting to play football and that there were growing pains, there were however a few talented younger classes who helped develop a culture around the program.”

In the winter, Simoneau coaches basketball, where he is the varsity assistant coach. When asked about how the quality of the basketball team during his time in the program, he said: “Very good, only one losing season, which was my first season, then 48-23 last the three seasons.”

In the spring, Simoneau coaches baseball, where he is the freshman head coach. He said that the varsity baseball team “had a good run last season,” and he’s had success with the freshman team having two winning seasons.

After discussing the success with his teams at Westborough, he says that making a difference in kids’ lives is most important: “As much as I want to win and teach my philosophy, it’s about the kids getting better as young adults and in the classroom. It has to be the number one priority.”

Many people who spend a lot of time around Simoneau have high praise for him. When asked about Simoneau, Mat Rosa, a junior at Westborough High said, “Coach Sim is the reason why you want to keep playing, he motivates you and he loves the game, much love for him and his passion for coaching.” Matthew Willar, son of Westborough varsity basketball coach and a freshman at Westborough High said Simoneau is “always motivated, always wants to win, positive and knows his abilities.”

Many people don’t know that Simoneau is also a special education paraprofessional. He began as a behavior technician in 2014 at Marlborough Middle School. Simoneau started his teaching career at Westborough High School at the beginning of the 2018-19 year as a special education paraprofessional. When asked about his first year of teaching at Westborough High, he responded that is it “Great, I love the school culture. I wanted to be here for the past few years and it is exactly what I expected.”

Whether you know Simoneau as Coach from football, basketball or baseball, or know him as a teacher in the classroom, Simoneau has been a fantastic part of the athletic department and teaching staff at Westborough High for the last four years, and he will hopefully continue his teaching and coaching careers at Westborough for a long time to come.