The Lobby Observer

Max Payne: Painful to Watch

November 12, 2008

by Peter Shaw, Jr. Going to the movies is supposed to be a fun thing to do with your friends or a date, and with the price of a ticket these days one would hope it, both the date and the movie, would be a good experience. With the...

Sleepless: A Book Where Your Worst Nightmares Become Reality

October 30, 2008

by Ali Strand Sleepless is a goose bump raising tale that will have you holding your breath until the last page! What if the one place you could dream sweetly became your real life nightmare? Trinity Michaels is known as the...

Shaken, not Stirred. Quantom of Solace Preview

October 30, 2008

by Katherine Packer The name's Bond, James Bond, and he is back in “Quantum of Solace”, the newest film of this timeless action saga, set to be released in theaters November 14th. Unlike most other Bond movies, Quantum ...

Twilight Preview: Do I dazzle you?

October 30, 2008

by Katherine Packer One of the most anticipated movies of the year, “Twilight” will come to theaters November 21. Directed by Catherine Hardwicke and based on a best-selling book by Stephanie Meyer of the same name, ...

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