Opinion: WHS Needs More Sections of AP Psychology

Anna Deane '23

As many Westborough High School students may know, seniors are entitled to the first choice for class selection, but according to most seniors, including myself, this does not seem to be the case this year.

As someone who has been looking forward to taking AP Psychology since I was a freshman, it was disappointing to see that I did not get into the one class I wanted to take. When finding out about this upsetting news, I decided to email Mr. Callighan to see if there was anything I could do to get into AP Psych. To my surprise, there was nothing I could do, and instead, I was put on a long waiting list. Knowing that I was not going to get into the class, I spoke to Mr. Callaghan about taking a VHS AP Psychology class instead, and with his help, I was able to sign up for that course.

You may be asking, why not take Honors Psychology instead? The reason is in college, I want to major in psychology, and taking AP Psych not only helps me see if that’s really what I want to do, but also will financially help me if I earn the AP exam credit. And that would set me up for more college course choices.

When letting the Administration know my strong desire to take WHS AP Psychology, I was told I was not recommended by the Social Studies department. But reflecting back on my junior year, I was recommended, and so were many other students. I was also told that the history department has no control over recommending students into AP Psych. Instead, it was all in the hands of the administration. So why are students told conflicting information?

If Westborough High School, year after year, is always having a long list of students who want to take AP psych, then why have they not made another section to fill those students’ needs? Unfortunately, seniors are then left confused and upset as their hope is by senior year they can take AP Psych.