Living with ADHD: A student’s personal story

Anna Deane '23, Contributing Writer

Many people have their own opinions on the topic of Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder. And the truth is that many people in the world actually suffer from ADHD. I am one of the people who suffer from this disorder. Having ADHD has been a very hard thing to struggle with in my life.
Often people assume having ADHD is an excuse to get extra time on school assignments. Or some people believe students with ADHD are taking advantage of extra help as well. It is not true that people with ADHD are making excuses or taking advantage.
In my opinion I believe that having ADHD has really shaped me as a person in many positive ways, but also in many negative ways. I feel as though people need to really understand what having ADHD is like. Have you ever been listening to music while another person was playing music at the same time? It is a brain overload, right? That is a part of what having ADHD is like.

When a person has ADHD it is often assumed that they are stupid, but the truth is many people with ADHD are very bright people.

— WHS student

Many people with ADHD have a very hard time staying organized and staying on task. Many people may feel like this a few times throughout their life, but a person who has ADHD has this struggle everyday. Another symptom for someone with ADHD is make impulsive decisions. They are often quick to judge and make rash decisions.
ADHD is not always a negative thing. In fact, it has many positive outcomes. Having ADHD has made me such a resilient person. I have had to work much harder than most to understand a concept. I also have become a much more social person and a lot more friendly to others, which probably would not be me if I did not have ADHD.
ADHD is something I struggle with every single day and before people are so quick to assume or judge things about me, I would appreciate if others would learn more about ADHD and what it is to be like me.