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NBA 2K18: The Basketball Video Game Like We’ve Never Seen It

By: Ryan Guilbeau

Every September, the new NBA 2K video game is released. But this year, 2K added a lot of new features to the game that is making basketball fans and gamers go wild. Among the new and updated rosters, new teams to choose from, improvements to MyCareer (a game mode that already existed), and even a completely brand new game mode, NBA 2K18 is 2K like we have never seen it.

Every off season, players get traded, players switch teams in free agency, players retire, and new players get drafted. NBA 2K18 has the most updated rosters for every team, updated from 2K17. Players like Gordon Hayward, Paul George, Kyrie Irving, and Isaiah Thomas are on their new teams. Players who weren’t even in last year’s game like Jayson Tatum and Lonzo Ball are now on the teams that drafted them.

Player ratings were also updated, so if a player had a breakout year or had a really bad year, their player rating is much more realistic to how they really play in this year’s game.

But not only are current NBA teams updated, you can also now use many more teams from the past.  Previous NBA 2K games have had teams from the past, but this year’s game features 16 new classic teams, so players can use legends from the past on their favorite teams. The classic teams feature the ‘85-’86 Celtics, ‘95-’96 Bulls, and ‘07-’08 Nuggets to name a few. Not only are there new classic teams, there are now all time teams. There is one all time team for each franchise, which features the best players in that franchise’s history. Every team has players from all different time periods, so it is a very fun experience.

MyCareer is a game mode that has been in NBA 2K for years, but this year’s game has some big changes. MyCareer is the game mode where you create a player, play games to earn VC, and then use VC to upgrade your player. But this year, MyCareer is way different than previous years. The theme is that you live in the city, and you can play street ball or in NBA games. You and other MyCareer players are all in one virtual city. If you want to change your hairstyle, you walk to the barber shop. If you want new shoes, you walk to Foot Locker. You can walk to the gym and work out, or go to your team’s practice facility to train. You can also walk to the “playground”, which is 3 on 3 basketball against other people online. You can also play in your NBA games and make your rise to the top. In previous years, all you could do was either play playground or play NBA games. Now, there is a whole new world to explore.

Even with all these changes, NBA 2K18 has a brand new game mode: pack and playoffs. This is a draft mode where you get to draft your team. You get an option of two players, then you select one of them. That happens five times. The five players you chose is your team. This is very exciting because you use a combination of players from different teams and time periods. The more games you win, the more rewards you get for MyTeam, another game mode. It’s nearly impossible to have the same team twice. Choose wisely!

Basketball fans and gamers everywhere are loving NBA 2K18, and are very excited to see what they have to offer next.

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