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Squeezing Out the Presents

December 18, 2008

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by Lexi Walls Everyone by now has heard about the catastrophe that we like to call the American economy. Also, I'm sure that everyone has heard that the Wall Street experts have predicted that financial America is only goi...

Worldwide Reactions to Barack Obama’s Election

December 2, 2008

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Compiled by Michael Fisher Russian President Dmitry Medvedev Image Source "In a Nov. 5 speech, he warned that Russia would move short-range missiles to NATO's borders to ‘neutralize' a planned U.S. missile defense system in Eastern Europe if necessary....

Bowl Championship Series Mess

November 26, 2008

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by Owen Ernest Every spring, college basketball fans turn their attention towards Selection Sunday and the iconic March Madness for the NCAA basketball championships. So why not instill a similar system in football? Col...

Technology Advances Should Be Embraced, Not Shut Off

November 25, 2008

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by Ali StrandThe rise of the cell phone becoming such a popular and common place piece of technology to own has caused such a fuss that schools have banned their use throughout the day. It is obvious why cell phone use is prohi...

2008 Presidential Election: Hope for New Beginning

October 30, 2008

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by Austin Evans The fast approaching 2008 presidential election was being billed as a breakthrough in modern politics.  The democratic primary featured both an African American male and a former first lady.  Barack Obama, s...

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