Jakub Moskal Breaks Down The Importance Of His Recent Election To The School Committee

Jakub Moskal, age 41, was recently elected to the Westborough School Committee for a 3-year term.  The election took place on March 14, 2023. Moskal decided to run for election for many different reasons, but primarily to simply “say thank you to the town.”

Moskal was born and raised in Poland before moving to the United States in 2005 where he earned his Ph.D in computer engineering at Northeastern University. He then moved to Westborough in 2012 and currently works for Vistology, a company that develops technologies for NASA and many other government agencies. 

The School Committee impacts Westborough High School students in a variety of ways. For one, the School Committee oversees Westborough’s superintendent, Amber Bock. In addition, the School Committee manages the budget for all Westborough schools, while also creating and altering school policies. 

Moskal brings numerous unique qualities, skills, and perspectives to the board. Firstly, Moskal strongly feels that his experience in technology and coding is crucial. He also feels that having three children in Westborough schools better helps him understand the perspective of students in the Westborough School District. 

Additionally, he has a personal interest in special education-related topics because one of his children is hard of hearing and has an IEP. In terms of how his background will likely contribute to his work on the committee, Moskal expects to “help kids that come here from other countries,” a goal he believes he is uniquely qualified for as an immigrant himself. 

Prior to the election,  Moskal strongly encouraged as many people as he could to “go out and vote.” Over 2,000 people casted ballots. 

Moskal is very excited to have been elected, but he recognizes that “a lot of the work on the committee is not great, exciting stuff.” 

With that said, he recognizes the importance of being a member of the School Committee and is committed to fulfilling all of his job responsibilities, even the less glamorous ones: “I feel like I owe this to the town.”

Ultimately, Moskal is determined to work within the School Committee to better the Westborough community in any way he can.