Outer Banks: Season 3–The Wait Begins

Drew Gray '23, Contributing Writer

Outer Banks: Season 3–The Wait Begins

It’s official. A third season of the acclaimed Outer Banks is approved and now in the works. This news is following a post on the official Instagram account of this Netflix original that was captioned “see you in poguelandia.”

After the release of season 2, the outpouring of fans that developed following its first season were still left wanting more. During season one, the show follows the drama that occurs between the “Pogues” (Kiara, John B, Pope, and JJ) and the “Kooks” (Sarah Cameron, Rafe, Ward Cameron, and Topper to name a few). Succeeding John B’s father’s disappearance, he and the Pogues are reeled into a treasure hunt of sorts—one that his father dedicated his life to: the Royal Merchant.

Underneath the water, this coveted ship has a value of over 400 million dollars. And after John B sweeps Sarah Cameron (Rafe’s daughter) off her feet, Ward begins to abuse his power and money in the upper class side of Outer Banks in order to beat the “Pogues” on the chase for this priceless bounty.

In season 2, we see the aforementioned hunt continue. Despite the remaining “Pogues” belief that John B has died, he and Sarah are stranded in the Bahamas following Ward’s attempts to murder them. Eventually, the “Pogues” are reunited, but this is much to the dismay of Mr. Cameron. Throughout the majority of this season, the chase for the Royal Merchant, all while the “Pogues”—particularly John B, try to evade Ward while maintaining possession of the $400 million dollar treasure.

Based upon the previous two seasons, it is very likely that season 3 of Outer Banks is bound to be filled with drama and adventure once again. In addition, there is one particular character who is re-introduced to the show in the very last episode of season 2. Speculation has formed surrounding this mystery character, but it is unsure what impact they will have in the ensuing episodes. Either way, fans are in for another treat this upcoming summer, as it is likely that production will not allow for it to be released any earlier than July of the upcoming year. So although there is some time until season 3 of Outer Banks will hit Netflix, it is unlikely that its popularity will waver.

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