The Dynamic Duo in the classroom and on the court: Coach Power and Coach Boucher

Kate Sams '24, Ava Nolin-Halpern '24, Contributing Writers

Coaches Elizabeth Power and Casey Boucher have a total of 12 years of teaching between them, Powers eight and Boucher four. They are both math teachers and also are WHS girls basketball coaches; the two are a dynamic duo. 


When it comes to collaborating on not only math but also basketball, the two find it easy. 


“Ever since my first year, Coach Power has just been a huge help. It just helps that we are usually in the same mindset with a lot of things. I think we collaborate super well,” Coach Boucher shares. 


She describes that their relationship has “always been smooth sailing.”


Leadership is a large part of teaching and basketball, and they both excel in this skill. 


Coach Power comments, “My first year at varsity level was her first year at junior varsity level so I was excited to have her come into the program. In a non covid year she sits on the bench with varsity. She jumps in and notices something going on. I don’t have to be like ‘hey can you do this’ like she knows when to step up.”


These two influential role models enjoy being both a basketball coach and teacher as they feel they can connect better with their students. Power touched on how it can be fun to see a student-athlete on the courts and in her classroom. She also elaborates on how it can create a stronger connection making it easier to relate to the student. 


When it comes to coaching and teaching philosophies, Coach Boucher shares, “I have taken teaching skills to coaching more than everything, we try to make sure we make school and basketball an equal playing field, and have everyone succeed no matter how different that looks for each student.” 


The two shared some of their tips from when they were student-athletes. Coach Powers suggests getting all busy work done pre-practice and saving the studying for after. She also recommends using the bus on away games to your advantage and doing homework then and asking classmates on the bus ride if you have any questions. 


Coach Boucher says to stay on top of your work and do the most work when you are energetic and ready to get it done, so when you hit bad days and do not want to do the work you do not fall behind. Lastly, really push yourself to get work done right after school to avoid having to do it after basketball. Even if you become stressed during your work, basketball will be a huge reliever. 


Junior basketball student athlete Amanda Beckman says of her two coaches, “Playing for Coach Power and Coach Boucher has been something I look forward to each year. They make time on and off the court such a fun learning atmosphere.”


The dynamic duo are super excited to kick off the basketball season.