Casa Vallarta is Bringing Mexico to Massachusetts

Sydney Johnson

The family-owned Casa Vallarta of Northborough is the place to go for authentic Mexican food. The food is inspired by the port of Puerto Vallarta in western Mexico. This is one of the four restaurants they have in Massachusetts. Both lunch and dinner are available with hours 11am-10pm on Sunday-Thursday and 11am-11pm on Friday and Saturday.

The restaurant is decorated to mimic authentic Mexican culture. Carved into the seats are mariachi men, cacti, fruit, and vegetables that add to the overall vibe of the restaurant. There are colorful tiles on every table and on the walls to brighten up the inside. Outside seating is also available if that is preferred.

There is hardly ever a wait to be seated because of the size of the restaurant. When you are seated, you are instantly greeted by a friendly waiter who politely welcomes you. You are quickly served complimentary tortilla chips with salsa and a delicious refried bean dip to snack on before ordering your meal.

A very popular appetizer is the authentic guacamole with tortilla chips. A waiter will come to the table so you are able to watch it get made right in front of you. There is a wide variety of entrees you can order: quesadillas, burritos, tacos and much more. With over 50 different meals to order, it can sometimes be challenging to decide on something to eat. There is an option to order combinations of different meals to help you choose. Casa Vallarta is very reasonably priced for the plentiful amount of food served. The food is very quick to get to the table, only taking about 10 minutes. Meal prices are on average $15 and there is enough food to save for the next day.

On Thursdays and Sundays from 6 pm to 9 pm, there is a mariachi band that plays live music. They make their way to each section of the restaurant playing authentic Mexican mariachi music. The music adds to the character and tone of the restaurant to make you feel as though you are in the heart of Mexico.