Fall is on the Rise: The Best Places to Apple Pick This Fall


By Katie Liebert ’20

It’s almost fall; the crisp air has started to blow into Westborough, and I for one could not be happier. I look forward to fall, despite it marking the end of a relaxing summer. This fall, many of us will be heading out to the farms to do some annual manual labor: apple picking!

If you and your family or friends love to pick apples for eating or for baking, it’s always an exciting day at Tougas Farms, Highland Farm, or Honey Pot Hill.

Tougas Farms is a classic my family has always loved. We love it for their huge orchard and the wide variety of apples. The apple cider doughnuts are loved by many, and we always get some cider to take home with us after! In addition to apple picking, they also have a pumpkin patch and other fruit to pick, such as peaches, cherries, and strawberries. A major downside to this farm though, are their prices: to pick apples, a large bag (½ bushel, 20 lbs) is 40 dollars and the small (1 peck, 10 lbs), $30.

I’ve never been to Highland Farm, though some of my extended family have gone before and they have always loved the “farmy” and less commercialized atmosphere there. Although they don’t have quite as big of a farm or variety compared to Tougas, their apples always taste amazing! Highland Farm is a less “money-driven” apple picking site, though with that comes the fact that it does not have many of the big crowd attractions, like a wide selection of farm stand goods, hayrides, or farm animals. They charge 10 dollars for a ½ peck, $20 for one peck, and $35 for a ½ bushel. The prices are not much lower here than at Tougas Farms, though they have a larger range of bag sizes to pick from.

A final option is Honey Pot Hill Orchards. I have gone to this farm a few times, and although it is always very fun, the crowd there is enormous. With all of the major attractions, including pumpkin and apple picking, hayrides, corn mazes, amazing baked goods from their farm stand, farm animals, and so much more, the farm brings in people from all over who want to pick apples. Although their apple picking isn’t as “authentic” as the other orchards, it is extremely organized and very easy to find your way around the farm to pick apples. Their prices are also the best out of all three places: a ½ bushel bag is only $28 and the one-peck bag is $18.

In my opinion, the best farm to go apple picking at is Honey Pot Hill Orchards, mainly because of the quality of each aspect of apple picking: the apples themselves, the fresh baked goods (for example, cider doughnuts), and the entertainment for kids (including mazes and animals) and adults (many love the farm stand).

However, whether it is at these locations or not, apple picking is always a great friend and family event.

So go out there and enjoy apple picking while it lasts this fall!

Tougas Farm:  234 Ball St, Northborough, MA 01532 (508) 393-6406 tougasfamilyfarm.com

Highland Farm: 635 Highland St, Holliston, MA 01746 (508) 429-8370 highlandfarmorchard.net

Honey Pot Hill Orchard: 16 Boon Rd, Stow, MA 01775 (978) 562-5666 www.honeypothill.com