Ranger Tech Squad to the Rescue

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Ranger Tech Squad to the Rescue

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By:  Sarah Bracey

IMG_2552Students and Faculty:  Have you ever found yourself having a difficult time using Prezi, Google Slides, or even Noodletools? If so, the Ranger Tech Squad desk is the place to go! The Ranger Tech Squad is happy to answers any questions whether it’s how do to hook up a personal device to the WHS wifi or how to turn the microphone on to use screencastify?

The new tech desk is located in the WHS Library to the left of the computer lab. This tech desk is run by Technology Specialist Mr. Masciarelli and several student interns throughout the school day. Although it is only available during the school day as of right now, Mr. Masciarelli hopes that in the future, it will be open for help after school as well .  It is a great new resource for students and teachers at WHS who are experiencing any problems they are having with their devices.

Mr. Masciarelli is assisted by six WHS student interns, one of them including senior Chris Bradshaw. Bradshaw explains that one of his jobs is to create a resourceful website that the students and staff of WHS can refer to when they are having general questions about their computers. “I’m excited to help out and make a difference in the school.”

Bradshaw is also available at the Ranger tech desk during his internship class period to answer questions for students, staff, and to learn from Mr. Masciarelli.

In a related issue, Westborough High School has been in the process of creating a plan for incoming freshmen next year; they will use the chromebooks they were assigned at Gibbons Middle School for their freshmen year at WHS. Sophomores, juniors, and seniors will be responsible to bring in their own devices. As a step to put this plan into action, the Ranger Tech Squad is here for those students and teachers who have questions about their own personal devices or their chromebooks.

Mr. Masciarelli is looking forward to the future that technology brings and for everyone to learn how to use it. He says, “I hope that the students and staff find this a valuable resource as we roll out more technology in the years to come.”

WHS librarian Mrs. Cellucci is also very delighted about that addition of the Ranger Tech Squad. She says, “I’m excited to have the Ranger Tech Squad here to empower students to solve any issues with technology, but also looking forward to see how the program will grow.”