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Peak Brain App: A Workout for the Mind

By: Sarah Corcoran and Corina Gencarelli

Ever need a break from your work and don’t know what to do? Download the Peak app to have fun and improve your brain activity! The app gives the user a variety of games each day as a mini workout for your brain. These mini games can help your coordination, memory, problem solving, language, focus, or emotional skills.

Compared to other brain tracking activity games such as Elevate and Lumosity, Peak has the greatest number of different games to play. If you are not satisfied with the four games given, you can watch a 30 second video which allows you to play two more games to complete your day of Peak. If six games are still not enough, you are able to purchase a premium version in order to play as many games as you would like.

Peak was voted Best App of 2014 by the App Store and was also voted Best App of 2015 by Google Play. Created by CEO Itamar Lesuisse, the app is suitable for all ages and different skill levels. By installing this app, you will be able to see how much your brain activity has grown, so get Peak today!

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