New Student Ambassadors: Every New Student’s Lifeline

By Katie Litwin

Emerging as a small and discrete program in the high school nine years ago, New Student Ambassadors is a growing organization that encompasses one of the primary objectives of Westborough High, uniting the student body. As mentioned by one of the club’s co-presidents,senior Addie Egan, the primary goal of the club is “to make incoming students feel comfortable, and allow them to get to know the school and area.” New Student Ambassadors hosts a variety of events such as movie night and apple picking  that incorporate new students, freshmen and transfer students.

New Student Ambassadors was formed from the cooperation of nine students who wanted to promote unity within the school. As the advisor Mrs. Goodliffe recalls, “I remember starting the club because there was a new girl who had just moved in and complained that she was struggling to fit into friend groups.” From this came The Newcomers Club, a small team of students who wanted to change this young girl’s, and many others, experience. The name switched from The Newcomers Club to New Student Ambassadors in 2007, after the organization decided to expand their reach by not only focusing on transfer students, but freshmen as well. With the change of name came the birth of a mission statement, and since then the club has become a recognizable and admirable group.

Just this past year the New Student Ambassadors received 80 applicants for the 2013-2014 school year and accepted 10 sophomores, 10 juniors, and 10 seniors to comprise the club. It is the hope of the club to accept a wide variety of students, as expressed by Mrs. Goodliffe, “It is our goal to search for students that are involved in different sorts of clubs, activities, and sports so they can relate to the new students. We look for both boys and girls that are friendly and approachable!”

New Student Ambassadors has proven itself to be a necessary resource in the school, helping new students feel comfortable in the the high school. Accomplishing a great deal in such little time, the club has established itself as an effective and productive team that is willing to sacrifice for the betterment of the school’s community. Although the organization presents itself as a club specifically used for new students, the students involved are ambassadors for all students of WHS. Standing united in a mass of navy blue, the club represents the strong bond among members of Westborough High School.