Vigil in Memory of Lizzie Marriott


By Stephanie Johnston and Sarah Masters

This past Saturday night, hundreds of candles were lit in support of the Marriott family.  Members of the Westborough community gathered on Bay State Commons to remember Lizzi Marriott, a 2011 WHS graduate.  Pastor John Taylor from the First United Methodist Church led the almost 500 in attendance through prayer.
Lizzi Marriott, who was living in Chester and studying at the University of New Hampshire, was last heard from on Tuesday, October 9th. Before disappearing on her way to a friend’s house in Dover, NH, Lizzi texted a friend after an evening class. A few hours later, Lizzi’s cell phone lost connection.  Relatives began to worry when Lizzi didn’t go to class or work the next two days. Former teacher and family friend Greg Rota, described the young woman as “extremely responsible and conscientious.” Fellow teacher Lorin Reed adds that she was a “great person with a great heart.”
Reports on Saturday confirmed Lizzi’s death and 29-year-old Seth Mazzaglia was arrested as a suspect. His arraignment, charging him with second-degree murder of Lizzi Marriot that Tuesday night by strangling/suffocation, was on Monday.  Police are still searching for Lizzi’s body in the waters surrounding Portsmouth, NH.
Through this terrible tragedy, the town of Westborough has come together to support the Marriott family. The community will continue to stand united until the search, evidence and court case have concluded, helping family and friends with whatever they may need. Westborough High School has set up a wall of paper in the lobby for people to sign messages of condolence for the family.
Our hearts go out to those who find themselves grieving, and as Pastor John said, “love will always light up the darkness.”  The town of Westborough has proven that it is supporting one another through the feelings of immense sadness.  Our thoughts are with the Marriott family during this time.