Blast from the Past: WHS Homecoming Dance `09

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It’s exactly that time of year; fall is commencing and students are found on Saturdays cheering for football in their thriving season. If there’s anything that represents high school in its social gatherings at this point in time, homecoming is always a core event that comes to mind. It only seems natural for homecoming weekend, and in particular the homecoming dance, to occur to start off the year!

On Friday, October 2 students of every class could be found in the Westborough High School gymnasium taking part in the festivities. The agenda for the night, which started at 7:00 pm, included dancing and having a great time with friends in a “safe environment”, according to WHS senior Becky Mongeau.

Members of Student Council sold all tickets for the event at lunches throughout the week, so everyone was sure to get a ticket before time of arrival.

Run by these members of StuCo, all students were guaranteed the chance to have a great night in the company of their peers dancing to the most popular music. To make the night even more entertaining, it was unanimously decided among members to make this year’s theme that of famous Disney characters! It wasn’t unusual to run into a Dalmatian, an occasional Pocahontas, or even a princess of the sea.

WHS senior Jill Cafaro expressed her satisfaction with the idea; she stated that she really enjoyed herself and “it was fun to dress up like we were younger again.”

The atmosphere was very playful, indeed; all who came were there for a good time, displaying their favorite childhood memory by their appearance of choice.

Along with StuCo, Coach Rota, advisor of Student Council and physical education teacher, could also be found supervising to ensure the safety of guests of the night.

During all the excitement, snacks and refreshments were kindly provided in the lobby for those in need of some fuel after hours of dancing. Tired from all the fun and exercise anyway, the dance ended at 10 o’clock pm.

Happily, all went well in regards to the night; Student Council members were pleased with the outcome. Student Council member and senior Sam Kahn-Arcangeli reflected on the evening, “We are very happy with the results. It was definitely a successful night!”