The Respectable, Remarkable, Mr. Anderson


Roger Anderson is a beloved gym teacher and coach of Westborough High School. To no surprise, in high school Mr. Anderson found his love of running in the 800 meter dash. He competed all throughout high school and some of college until he tore his ACL.

Mr. Anderson attended Tufts University and as a freshman he said he had a lot of fun, but after that he chose to get serious about school. He did not know what he wanted to do until his junior year of college. A year later he graduated from Tufts, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. From there Mr. Anderson went to Springfield College where he earned his Master’s Degree. After a total of seven years of schooling, he was hired as a physical education teacher and boys’ track and field coach.

Mr. Anderson has now worked for Westborough High School for thirteen years as a teacher and track coach. He also has been able to acquire another coaching position for the girls’ volleyball team. Mr. Anderson said that his favorite part of teaching and coaching, “is watching kids do things they thought they couldn’t do before.”

Between coaching and teaching he enjoys coaching better because he is able to have more one on one time with each individual and therefore have a greater impact on his/her life. He believes that coaching has another advantage over teaching because, “everyone is there by choice.”

In addition to playing such an important role at Westborough High School, Mr. Anderson is also married and has two children, Cole, who is six years old and Quinn, who is three. His children play a major role in his life and have affected his position as a coach, “being a father and husband makes me better balanced as a coach.” Although he does not see his kids as much as he would like to during the volleyball and track seasons, he tries to bring them to practice and let them see his teams hard at work.

The respected Mr. Anderson said he will continue to coach and teach as long as he enjoys it and is good at it! So, whenever you are playing dodge ball, badminton, or are out watching your school’s sports teams, make sure to look for this remarkable man.