The Mustang Mounting McCoskery

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Riding, roping, and training horses at the farm are how WHS math teacher, Mr. McCoskery spends his time when not working with his students. Mr. McCoskery has been involved with local rodeos since he was kid.

At a local ranch in Westborough, Mr. McCoskery owns five glorious steeds.

Mr. McCoskery was born in Manchester NH, in 1981.As a kid Mr. McCoskery enjoyed playing sports such as soccer, baseball, and football with his older brother. However what immediately caught his attention was horseback riding.

Mr. McCoskery, the man who began his career working at Bergson’s restaurant loading and emptying dishwashers, is now one of the most talented math teachers known to Westborough today. Mr. McCoskery has been teaching for about six years and is still going strong. He enjoys teaching algebra as well as geometry.

Coincidentally Mr. McCoskery attended WHS and had always enjoyed his math classes. In fact it was one of his high school teachers who influenced him to become a teacher.

And throughout high school, Mr. McCoskery was involved in a local rodeo, where calf roping was well known.

Mr. McCoskery attended Clark University in 1999 where he majored in mathematics and teaching. After earning his degree, Mr. McCoskery began his teaching career at WHS.

Mr. McCoskery enjoys every minute of teaching at WHS. Oh and he still attends a local rodeo and farm where his horses are kept.