Mr. Perryman: the man, the myth, the mission

Mr. Perryman

English teacher Mr. Perryman has not always been the legend he’s regarded as today at WHS. A native of Pensacola, Florida, where his “insanity” originates, he assumes he would be known simply as “an English teacher.” However, he’s more known for the sheer amount of “stuff” in his room, his fear of zombies, and his personality.

Once upon a time, Mr. Perryman also used to be a high school student, who participated in normal student activities such as completing homework, drudging through classes, and running cross country. He also hated being a high school student, a lot. So he set out on a mission, a mission to make school not as miserable as it seems.

Mr. Perryman enjoys working at WHS. “It’s fun, and I never know what to expect,” he says while reclining in his chair. He prefers the more laid-back atmosphere here at Westborough High School, where he has been for eleven years. During this time, he has come to appreciate the close interactions between his students and him. Even if a student doesn’t have freshmen or junior English with him, Mr. Perryman wouldn’t mind meeting a new face, especially if he or she would join the two clubs he advises – Model UN and the Darfur Student Alliance.

Outside of the classroom, Mr. Perryman can be found grading, plotting (for what, no one knows), and wrecking havoc in the English Department Workroom. Although he loves doing the aforementioned, Mr. Perryman’s place is in B210. There isn’t a moment where his class isn’t buzzing with life. Even without him in it, his prize items – the numerous drawings, Captain Ahab’s leg, and the morbid poster of the ABC’s – say a lot about him.

Like the room, there is no certainty in his life. Mr. Perryman has no idea what the future will hold. Although he is sure about one thing – he will remain at Westborough High School, where he hopes everyone will find him to be a “lovely and charming” character.