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Seniors Last Day!

Sophie Boyd: Senior Testimonial


For someone who has a whole lot to yap about, I don’t know how I’m supposed to start this; after all, it is hard to reduce the four years of high school to just one page. Regardless, I guess I have to start somewhere…

For months, I have been ready and excited to leave Westborough to finally escape the bubble that our town is. For me, high school was nowhere near a perfect experience, but honestly, I don’t think that exists. That’s not to say I won’t miss its familiarity – where I have been with some of the same people since preschool. It is scary to have to restart essentially a whole new life, make new friends, and be in a completely different environment.

To be honest, most of my time in high school has been a blur, the days and years blending together; however, it still holds so many memories that have created a mosaic of who I am. Specifically, in my sophomore year, I decided to take journalism—well, because Delaney told me to—but what I didn’t know at the time was how much it would grow to be something I loved. The countless articles, broadcasts, and editing projects at Westborough TV never felt like a chore or something I was forced to do; I wanted to do all of it. Now, in my last weeks of my favorite class, there is one more assignment I have left that I’m having trouble with: making the senior video for Baccalaureate. For weeks, we have been weaving through photos and finding the right music, and finally, it is beginning to feel real that we’re graduating in two weeks.

It feels like just yesterday my biggest worry was arguing over a cherry bomb someone gave me in four-square and now it is figuring out my whole life (which I still have little to no clue about). These past months of college applications left me lost and stressed for so long, and I thought those feelings would be gone by now, yet they’re not.

Nonetheless, I am still grateful for the experiences and personal growth I have had because of WHS. Some of my best memories have come from on and off the soccer field. From sophomore year making it to the state semifinals to becoming a captain senior year, I have been lucky enough to have great role models along the way. I’ll miss the downpouring rain games, “Love Story” and “Hot Wings” on bus rides, still finding glitter in my house 3 months after the season, and playing alongside some of my oldest friends who made up my childhood.

Shoutout to Mr. Noonan: Your class sincerely pushed me to my limits, with looming fears of a quiz every single day and reading the entire book of Moby Dick (even that awful Cetology chapter..). I may not have been the best in the class, but I definitely grew as a student and writer. To my geometry teacher, Mrs. DeBoer, who saw me both in the hardest laughs and tears: you never faltered in believing in me, so thank you. Finally, to Mrs. Stoker for helping me discover journalism as a passion and Ms. Conrad for continuing it (and apologies from the Psych is Lit crew and our shenanigans).

Mom and Dad, you are my biggest supporters, and I am nothing without you. Thank you for pushing me to reach my full potential in all capacities. Despite this past year being especially difficult, you continue to remain strong and find joy in the little moments.

Mom, you’ve always been my partner in crime, but I know you’ll survive without me. Despite what you think, I’ll still call you.

Dad, thank you for always reminding me to turn to my faith and encouraging me to write all those dreaded essays—no whammies!

To my siblings, Fiona and Nicholas, I would be lost without you two. I am so grateful for how close we are, all the advice we’ve traded, and the many calls and facetimes since I’ve been an “only child.” Thank you for all the stupid laughs and jokes that we still bring up 10 years later.

To Oma, thank you for believing I can defy all odds and do quite literally anything; according to you, I could be a movie star, model, writer, and chef (and it’s awesome).

To Opa, whom I miss every single day. There is no question that you would be so proud of me and would continue to tell me to follow what I am passionate about. Big G, save me a round of the England game while you’re at it.

Finally, to my best friend, Delaney: you have been with me through literally everything. We both know all too well the nonsense we’ve endured over the course of these four years. Throughout the ups and downs, you have always been the constant, sticking by my side no matter what. I have no clue how I will survive without seeing you every day, but best believe I’ll be paying some visits to PC. Delaney, there’s no one I laugh harder with, and I’m so excited to see you thrive at Providence!

Now I could sit here and tell you how fast time goes, but everyone already knows and experiences that. I guess I’m here to say be your own person — stop trying to conform to the people around you—and trust that everything will work out. I’ve learned that although it might be nice to have a big friend group, a few genuine, trustworthy ones are plenty. High school is filled with so many ups and downs, but you’ll find your way. I also think a big struggle for people in high school is caring about what others think and say, but that can just be so detrimental. Sophomore year, my brother caught me in this habit and asked me, “why does it matter if you know it isn’t true?” and genuinely, I’ve referred to that phrase ever since. So, for those experiencing the same issue in an environment that can be toxic and one big rumor mill, focus on yourself and, as best you can, rise above the BS that seems impossible to escape. WHS is not a perfect place; to be quite frank, it is far from it. However, I am so grateful for the character development it has given me, along with people I will miss, and I’m so excited to start a new chapter in the fall at Fairfield University!!

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About the Contributor
Sophie Boyd '24
Sophie Boyd '24, Managing Co-Editor
Sophie Boyd is a senior at WHS and a Managing Co-Editor, who has been writing for the Lobby-O for the past three years. She enjoys the creativity and freedom that comes with journalism and loves writing opinion pieces and producing broadcasts. Outside of school, Sophie enjoys playing soccer, running track, going to the beach, and playing with her two jack russells, Bibi and Jasper. 

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  • S

    Steven DurrMay 16, 2024 at 10:32 am

    Sophie, great testimonial! WHS went by in a jiffy. I am excited to leave WHS as well. Thank you for being a good friend for these past years! Good luck at Fairfield!

  • B

    Boy in the Blue RoomMay 15, 2024 at 7:25 pm

    Thanks for quoting me –“Hey hey”

  • L

    Lisa CasparrielloMay 15, 2024 at 3:36 pm

    Congratulations, Sophie! This is an amazing post. I can still hear your little sixth-grade “voice” in your writing but with lots of reflection, growth, and wisdom! I wish you all the best in college and beyond. You have great times coming your way. ❤️

    • S

      SophieMay 17, 2024 at 8:25 am

      Thank you so much Mrs. Casparriello!! I’m so lucky to have had you back in sixth grade with Mr. Maletta! <3