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Last Day Of School!

Coping With Winter Stress

Community Advocate

During this time of year, it’s very easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed, nonetheless as midterms are approaching. The days are colder, darker, and overall more tiring. School feels as if it has become more difficult just during the last few days. Many students have begun the yearly cycle of staying up until early hours of the morning, losing hours of sleep, just to finish homework. Winter stress leaves many feeling unmotivated, and makes even simple tasks feel difficult. 

Here are a few tips to help reduce the stress many students feel during this time of year:

Make a calendar

Making a calendar is a great way to manage stress. Making a calendar organizes everything you do into one place, and can help you clearly see what needs to be done and when. Many calendars also have the option of adding a to-do list, which is a great way to make yourself feel accomplished after completing a task. One tip is to schedule free time in your calendar. Doing this ensures you have time to yourself during the day.

Exercise and go outside

Participating in physical activities has been proven to boost your mood. It is also a way to distract yourself from other stressors. Exercising is a great way to focus on yourself while also staying in shape. Adding a simple 30 minute workout to your daily routine is a great way to feel accomplished. Going outside is also a great way to relieve stress related to lack of sunlight.


Reading has also been proven as a way to reduce stress. Reading is able to distract you from everyday stressors. Reading can lower your heart rate and relieve muscle tension. A 2009 study at the University of Sussex found that reading can reduce stress by up to 68%. Reading also is a fun way to relax! Finding a book that excites you and that you look forward to reading is a great way to reward yourself after a long day.

Communicate with the people you care about

Loneliness and isolation only make winter stress worse. Having a support system to rely on is a great way to communicate how you feel. Don’t be afraid to reach out, as there is a good chance they feel the same way. Hanging out with friends can boost your mood and take your mind off stressors.

Not everyone copes with stress the same way, but finding the best way for you will make the winter days a bit easier!



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Hannah Willar '25
Hannah Willar '25, Lead Social Media Coordinator
Hannah Willar, a Pro-Sports Editor at WHS has been a part of the journalism program for the past three years. Hannah enjoys writing about sports, what's going on around WHS, and anchoring in broadcasts. Outside of school you can find Hannah working with kids, playing basketball, and spending time with family and friends. 

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