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The Golden Boot: Chris Deane on WHS Boys Soccer


As a sport of the world, yet rarely recognized in the United States, what is the future for the WHS boys varsity soccer? Chris Deane doesn’t have an answer, but he knows that the future is nothing short of bright and promising. 

His Game.

The boys varsity soccer team for Westborough currently stands at a record of 6-6-3 (six wins, six loses, three tied) in the Midwatch-A league, which consist mainly of division one teams. Westborough, which according to one of the captains, Chris Deane, stands 15th in rankings for division two. 

A commit to Saint Vincent College and a senior at WHS, Deane, who plays his fourth consecutive year, has set standards for his rising varsity team. Deane talked about the goals the team has set for themselves this season along with key factors needed for their success. 

Deane begins by reflecting on how WHS soccer in 2022 had been full of dedication and hard work. “Kids stayed after practices and put in extra work,” Deane said. “I think that helped us be successful that year.” But this year, Deane shares that the team is looking to go even further than before, as they start making their run into the playoffs. 

Deane mentions how one of their goals was to stay after practices to get in that extra work, and this year, he describes that this was the most he has seen players staying after for both JV and Varsity. Younger sophomores have also been on and off the field. He talks about how the players have developed a strong bond this season, and that hopefully, that will reflect onto the field from this point on. “I think it shows the commitment and the way people care about the game,” he adds. “We are ready for any adversity that we might face.” 

Deane talks about how he always enjoys a good, competitive matchup under the lights, and that even when there is music blasting that can be distracting for many players, that it is “just a fun and thrilling place to be in,” according to Deane. 

In last year’s quarterfinal game for States, this team suffered a two to one loss against Plymouth North. That was the closest he has gotten in a playoff game. However, the focus now is for these next couple games which will be important for the team, and as Deane mentions, it only gets tougher from here.

Standing as a current playoff contender, Deane sees many valuable assets to his soccer team, and believes that they will be mentally prepared for their upcoming games. What makes them such a confident group, people wonder?

The set standards.

Deane explains how the soccer team has learned to keep their cool, even in critical moments when games are on the line. 

“I try talking to each player individually before a game. I know how they get anxious in tense situations, and as a captain, I feel it is my responsibility to check in with each player on their mental status,” Deane says. 

Deane talks about how even he may get nervous at times, but that smiling when someone makes a good play or even being honest during a silly mistake is important for him along with teammates. This allows them to stay cool, calm and locked in. He believes a team is at their peak when they are able to notice when an attitude of one of the players is misleading and to know how to correct it, which he says is something they are good at holding each other accountable. “This will hopefully improve our game and performance in games that await us,” Deane says. 

Westborough Boys Varsity Soccer has had a few successes and failures throughout their season, as Deane describes. But, to incorporate the momentum into the playoffs, that will be the real test. 

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