Nan’s Kitchen and Market: Worth a Try


Carolyn Gencarelli '23, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Nan’s Kitchen and Market is a newer addition to turnpike road in Southborough, here you are able to enjoy authentic chicken sandwiches along with delicious lunch and breakfast options. Inside is equipped with a little market as well, full of pre-made meals, snacks, and beverages. 


For breakfast, we dined in and got their Acai Bowl and Peach smoothie, altogether it was $17.95. The bowl was full of fruit and flavor however we would not go out of our way to get it again. The smoothie was full of flavor though it was on the pricier side which is not realistic for teenagers.


As for lunch/dinner, we ordered takeout, the Nan’s Fried Chicken Sammie, and the Hot Honey Fried Chicken Sammie with biscuits. The sandwiches were $21 and a pack of 6 biscuits is $12. Overall, the sandwiches were packed with flavor and seasoned perfectly. The biscuits were an absolute must, as they were delicious and a great side to the sandwiches.


We would fully recommend getting lunch/dinner at Nan’s if you are looking for something new and delicious. 


Address: 359 Turnpike Rd, Southborough, MA 01772


Monday: 7AM- 8PM

Tuesday:7AM- 8PM

Wednesday: 7AM- 8PM

Thursday: 7AM- 8PM

Friday: 7AM- 8PM

Saturday: 7AM- 8PM

Sunday: 7AM- 8PM