Dunkin’s Raspberry Watermelon refresher: Only if you have a strong sweet tooth


Yael Bugaev '24, Arts and Entertainment Editor

Dunkin Donuts has finally released their summer refreshers again. I went and tried their new Raspberry Watermelon refresher lemonade. With only 240 calories and only $3.29, it is worth a try. 

However, I found this refresher was way too sweet. I compare it to tasting like a watermelon jolly rancher except with even more sweetness. If it was less sweet, I would love it. I would recommend this drink to anyone who has a strong sweet tooth and likes watermelon jolly ranchers.

Although Dunks is the cheaper option, I prefer the Strawberry Acai refresher with lemonade at Starbucks. Go to Dunks and Starbucks and see which you prefer.