Sydney Allen: Senior Testimonial


Sydney Allen '23, Contributing Writer

I don’t know where to start writing this testimonial. I remember freshman year thinking about how old the seniors were and how senior year was so far away. Yet here we are, in our last week of high school. Everyone always tells you “not to take time for granted because your high school years will go by fast.” I never believed that until now, going into my last week of school and realizing everything I will never experience again.

I will never wake up and see my friends in the parking lot, walking into school together. I will never go to school with my best friends and see them daily. My daily rants to Mr. Martin and Mrs. Papetti are over. I will miss Mrs. Stoker’s advice and inspiring words. But most of all I will miss going to school with my sisters; I will never get to wake up in the morning and argue with them over what time we are leaving. I will never get to sit in class with them or see them everyday in the halls walking to class. I am going to miss this journalism classroom and the support that comes with it. Since the first day of high school, Mrs. Stoker has been my rock. Thank you for all that you have done and taught me.

I would not have made it through my senior year without the support of Mrs. Stoker, Mrs. Papetti, and Mr. Martin. I am forever grateful for them. Although I never could have imagined myself graduating and making it this far, I made it! High school can have its ups and downs, and trust me I understand the downs. But just know that these four years are a small part of your life, you are supposed to make mistakes to grow and learn while you are in high school. Take the risk and make memories, life isn’t that serious and you should live while you are alive.

If there is one thing that I have learned after these four years, it would be, let others waste their time talking about you while you are bettering yourself. The things people say about you do not matter, and it is not worth listening to them or fighting with them. They are most likely jealous or insecure. Be the bigger person and let it go, better yourself and let them continue to talk. I would also say live life, don’t just survive it. This is your time to find yourself, enjoy it!