Ms Caruso: Big Heart, Big Smile

Ms. Caruso, a compassionate member of the Physical Education Department at Westborough High School. Growing up in Bristol, Rhode Island, she has made her way around the map, attending Purdue University following her education at Mt. Hope High School. Then became a traveling P.E. teacher all around the state, before landing in her home in Westborough. 

Before Westborough, Caruso taught physical education at many different schools in Rhode Island. She explained how coming to Westborough was “an adjustment” and how WHS is fortunate in terms of funding and resources, compared to her previous schools.

“I worked at schools where the equipment was literally chalk. It’s weird that we throw out equipment,” she says.  “I actually take and donate equipment to my other schools because I hate the fact that we throw it out.” A part of her will always love and appreciate her home, Rhode Island. 

Caruso knew early on that she wanted to pursue a career in teaching. In her junior year of high school, she took the first step by approaching her gym teacher, seeking advice. Since then, she has developed a genuine connection with her students as she strives to educate them on the subject of exercise. 

Caruso believes “everyone is learning” and she is learning along with her students every day. 

As loving as she may be, Caruso is more than just a smiling face. She handles her job with “lots of patience,” as being a teacher isn’t easy. However, she has also had struggles. As she cares for many, including herself, she states, “I just wasn’t my best self, towards the start of the school year,”

She teaches her students to always be kind, as you never know what someone is going through. Caruso explained how refraining from being on edge and having a shorter temper was hard for her too. “I care for people,” she says. “I have that in my heart.” 

Not being able to always fulfill that motto was a challenge for her. Even so, she lives for being the light in someone’s life. The inspiration she gains from her students is her motivation to bring love into our environment, reflecting who she is as a person. 

Not only does Caruso teach P.E., but she also teaches yoga classes. She trained her first year between April and October, developing her passion for yoga. However, it wasn’t always this way. “I have had a weird relationship with yoga. I just kind of started, like everyone else.” 

Throughout her yoga experience, Caruso began to realize that it’s “much more inner self-care versus this physical aspect, which is how I want to teach it.” Today, yoga is one of the most requested electives at WHS.

Caruso also started unified track at WHS. This extracurricular is an inclusive sports team consisting of students with and without disabilities. Caruso believes every student is capable of being a part of sports and unified track is a great way to find connections throughout the student body.

It is evident through her hard work and compassion that Caruso strives to be a positive light to her peers and students’ lives. “People always want to do good and have fun, and I want to honor that,” she states.

Caruso, a loving member of the WHS community, is someone who puts her students’ needs before her own and cares deeply about creating a safe, inclusive environment for all members of the WHS community.