Ms. Emani – Rookie Of The Year

Ms. Emani motivates her students to learn more about biology and what makes up our everyday surroundings. She has inspired many of her students and has made a immense impact in her students in her first full year of teaching at the high school. But who is Ms. Emani?

Ms. Emani was born and raised in southern India, and lived there until she was 11, when her father received a job offer from a company in Nigeria. Her whole family packed up their bags and moved to Africa.

Ms. Emani said that growing up in multiple different countries and absorbing a variety of cultures has “broadened [her] horizon so much.” She says that learning about different cultures and has emphasized the importance that “it’s cool to be different.”.

Ms. Emani finished formal schooling in Nigeria before returning to India to complete her undergraduate studies in microbiology, and also earning a master’s degree in microbiology.. 

She then moved to the United States and received a master’s degrees in biochemistry and molecular biology. 

Last year when Ms. Emani was working as a tech specialist at an elementary school the principal approached her and expressed that she had an aptitude for teaching.

Throughout her childhood, Ms. Emani “kind of always wanted to be in the teaching field,” but never fully committed to the profession. This time, she decided to look into being a teacher and talked to people in the field applying for and receiving her teaching license. A long-term sub job opened up at Westborough High School, and she took the offer. 

She reflects that she “couldn’t be happier” to come here.

In WHS, she explains her main motivation to teach is seeing students who “want more” and explained that it is gratifying to see them interested in biology.

Ms. Emani’s vision of teaching in the future is best encapsulated by: “[continuing] to teach biology to as many students as I can” with hopes for them to eventually potentially study science in college and beyond. 

In her free time, she watches her children’s soccer games, goes on walks and reads. She also loves to travel and spend time with friends. 

She has already made a significant impact on the community here at WHS and has many years of awesome teaching to come.